01: Amalia Natalio
Redefine BeautyApril 19, 2023x
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01: Amalia Natalio

Welcome to Redefine Beauty. In this podcast, Kristin Bauer shares and offers a new perspective on beauty through the lens of self-love as an internal vibration expressed externally and then witnessed by others. Join Kristin as she chats with people from all different walks of life to redefine beauty.

This week, she is joined by Amalia Satya Natalio, the founder of KarmicKindness™ a spiritually oriented space for those looking to transcend the confines of their current reality. Amalia is passionate about relationship dynamics with Self + Partners + Family. 

The mission of KarmicKindness™ is to uncover your innate talents to clear karma (old fear) transforming your life experience to align you with your True Soul destiny. Amalia creates a safe + nurturing environment for this alchemical process to unfold gently and gracefully.

KarmicKindness’ signature program, Soulful Life, melds together years of experience and training in Soul Contracts, Astrology, Galactic Astrology, Reiki + Energy Medicine, hypnotherapy, Gene Keys, Human Design, moon cycle wisdom, oracle + tarot, and Lotuswei flower essence support to pave a path to transformation that lasts.