03. Ruby Chase
Redefine BeautyMay 03, 2023x
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03. Ruby Chase

Welcome to Redefine Beauty. In this podcast, Kristin Bauer shares and offers a new perspective on beauty through the lens of self-love as an internal vibration expressed externally and then witnessed by others. Join Kristin as she chats with people from all different walks of life to redefine beauty.

This week, Kristin is joined by Ruby Chase to talk about redefining beauty in the world around us. Ruby is a Singer, Songwriter, DJ, and Producer.

"With a focus on taking her listeners on a journey, Ruby serves up a unique ritualistic approach to live performance, weaving a broad span of musical flavors ranging from bass to Latin, downtempo to house. Blending this range of global dance tracks with her original music, ethereal live vocals and interactive invitations, Ruby’s sets turn the dance floor into a ceremony."

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