04. Amalia Brassfield
Redefine BeautyMay 10, 2023x
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04. Amalia Brassfield

Welcome to Redefine Beauty. In this podcast, Kristin Bauer shares and offers a new perspective on beauty through the lens of self-love as an internal vibration expressed externally and then witnessed by others. Join Kristin Bauer as she chats with people from all different walks of life to redefine beauty. Amalia's bio: I have been teaching some form of movement since 2003. My background runs the gamut from Pilates to CrossFit, yin yoga to triathlon, functional and corrective exercise to pelvic floor specialist. I began teaching breath-work and meditation in 2014. I am a body nerd that will never cease to be fascinated by our vehicle. Everything I teach is rooted in somatics and the nervous system. I believe our body is our conduit for source/higher-self. The more we understand and connect with the subtle language of the body, the grater our ability to access clarity, joy and health. I host a virtual women’s circle under each new moon to connect and expand with women about the things we are passionate about.

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