05. Amanda Mossing
Redefine BeautyMay 17, 2023x
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05. Amanda Mossing

Welcome to Redefine Beauty. In this podcast, Kristin Bauer shares and offers a new perspective on beauty through the lens of self-love as an internal vibration expressed externally and then witnessed by others. Join Kristin Bauer as she chats with people from all different walks of life to redefine beauty.

Amanda is a Licensed Therapist in Florida, Arizona & Utah. Her approach to therapy is individualized, trauma-informed, & holistic in nature, with a strong focus on the mind-body-spirit connection. In addition, Amanda is a Spiritual Development Coach, a Yoga Teacher, a Meditation Guide, a Reiki Practitioner & a Certified Sound Therapist. No matter what hat she’s wearing, she aims to provide a safe, compassionate space for individuals to slow down & get curious about what's going on inside. She is passionate about assisting others in Attuning to the Inner Voice to Free the Authentic Self.