06. Shannon Lewis
Redefine BeautyMay 24, 2023x
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06. Shannon Lewis

Join Kristin Bauer and Shannon Lewis as they talk about menopause, changing culture, and learning from other cultures.

Shannon Lewis is the co-founder of EveryBetty, a curated, online resource for women experiencing symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause. Shannon was 39 when she Abruptly found out that she was in fact "in" menopause. That message from a very unsympathetic Doctor started a journey to understand what, when and how can she make this better. Fast forward to 50 and a chance encounter with her co-founder, Kate Cusack and EveryBetty was born. Our mission is to change the way women feel about Menopause and its impact on all aspects of their lives. Shannon has had a 25+ year career focused on the financial services sector.