07. Wah!
Redefine BeautyMay 31, 2023x
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07. Wah!

Meditate with Wah! and Kristin Bauer. Wah! and Kristin also talk about Wah!'s journey as a musician and redefining beauty.

Wah!’s music is legendary. If you've taken a yoga class in the last 10 years you have undoubtedly heard her music. In 2011 iTunes featured her with a compilation titled “Greatest Yoga Music Ever.” She has over 250,000 listeners on Spotify.

She has taught retreats, workshops and Yoga Teacher Training modules for over 25 years. Fans find a connection with her meditative wisdom, using her teachings for personal growth and healing. Her new book Self-Care: Building a Stronger, Smarter, More Peaceful Self brings people simple, effective ways to improve health and mood. She’s been featured in Ladies Home Journal, Mantra Yoga & Health Magazine and Yoga International Magazine.