08. The Montana Method
Redefine BeautyJune 07, 2023x
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08. The Montana Method

In this episode Kristin and Montana talk about Montana's music & movement based fitness programs, teaching the next generation about inner beauty, and healthy daily habits.

Montana's background:

I grew up in Florida in a fitness-oriented family. My mother is a Pilates instructor, and I always appreciated the joy and creativity she put into her work. After getting my classical Pilates certification and teaching at several fitness studios and privately for about 10 years, I took a pause when I had my second child. But I realized I missed moving, teaching, and my community!

I developed The Montana Method, a full-body workout that incorporates my training in Pilates and barre as well as dance and yoga. Then I set up mats in my garage, and invited whoever wanted to come!

The response was so positive that I opened a light, bright studio in downtown Delray Beach in 2019. During the pandemic, I live-streamed classes every day on Facebook—and fell in love with my online community, which led to founding the Montana Method Digital Studio.

Clients often say they never knew how much fun they could have while working out! You will improve your fitness, balance, flexibility, and feel great in your body. The community we’ve created is inclusive, inviting, and truly one of a kind. Join us!

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