09. Emotional charges with Ilka Oster
Redefine BeautyJune 14, 2023x
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09. Emotional charges with Ilka Oster

Kristin and Ilka dive into the Eutaptics process and do it live with you! Eutaptics rewire the brain's neural pathways on a profound cellular level. They also talk about the examples of beauty we have in our parents, working through childhood trauma, and redefining beauty.

More about Ilka: Loves to be a heretic, challenge the status quo, co-create with brilliant, like-minded people, and build communities where emotional intelligence and personal freedom is most highly valued.

An Advanced Level 5 eutaptics® Practitioner for 9 years, Ilka draws on her skills and

experience to support hundreds of clients around the world to awaken to their own deepest life purpose and fulfillment.

The eutaptics® process rewires the brain's neural pathways on a deep cellular level. The result being that your trust, acceptance and love for yourself continue to expand and grow. As this powerful foundation for yourself grows, your eyes, ears and heart continue to open to all life has to offer you.

Ilka loves to see people being the powerful conscious creator’s of their own lives. Ilka is a Children's Rights, Radical Unschooling, Home Birth and Natural Immunity Advocate.

Ilka also loves, studies and practices: 

NVC (Non Violent Communication), Ho opono pono, Byron Katie’s - "The Work",

Human Design, Theta Healing, Personal Training, Wealth Mindset Coaching, Dayna

Martin Unschooling Advocacy Coaching

Read more about Ilka on her website at ilkaoster.com

Follow Ilka on Instagram - www.instagram.com/theawakenedparentwithilka

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