13. Soul to Soil with Marissa Lavin
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13. Soul to Soil with Marissa Lavin

In this episode of Redefine Beauty Kristin chats with Marissa Lavin. In this episode, they discuss topics from beauty in the ballet community, what is God, and Marissa's alternative school program.

Marissa Lavin is a student of LIFE. Her curiosity leads her to discover and create with the magic that God, our Source, offers through the Earth and its elements. She is a homeopath, emotional healing coach and mother of three boys, living in Jupiter, Florida.
In 2020, Marissa felt as though her intuitive and professional perspectives were in stark contrast to the narratives that enveloped the world’s health story. She removed her sons from the conventional school system and in 2021, she created Soul to Soil, teaching alternative-schoolers how to learn through the lens of nature. The boutique learning program turns the industry-powered standard education model on its head. Through play, self-inquiry and language, sacred geometrical and musical studies, students learn the life supportive lessons of Syntropy, also known as quantum mechanics.
She has written and produced two musical plays for the students of Soul to Soil as an effort to spark interest and bring relatability to regenerative ideas within the fields of environmental and human health. These theatrical productions serve as interactive opportunities for nature-loving students to learn and share world-healing perspectives with the greater community through live, local performances.

Through her online homeopathy classes, children’s plays and the Soul to Soil education program, Marissa has dedicated her career to leading natural-minded adults and children on a journey to regenerate our-CELL-ves and our beautiful Earth by redesigning and reinvigorating a world that all natural beings deserve.

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