14. Heart Walls with Sarah Amini
Redefine BeautySeptember 13, 202300:56:1651.52 MB

14. Heart Walls with Sarah Amini

Kristin Bauer is joined by Sarah Amini. In this episode they talk about heart walls, breaking generational trauma, and how transformative motherhood is.

I am Sarah Amini, a graduate with a BA in Human Development, and a passionate devotee of spirituality, child development, and a toxin-free lifestyle. My love for dance and writing coexists with my keen eye for interior design and knack for transforming chaos into order.
My life took an enriching turn in 2013, when I stepped into the world of motherhood. This journey taught me to appreciate the beauty of progression over perfection, leading me on my own path of restoration.
After the birth of my daughters, I ventured into various healing practices like functional movement, somatic body release, and homeopathy. But it was the emotion code that truly helped me break free from past conditioning and habits. I am now an advocate, committed to helping both humans and animals release trapped emotions and heart walls.
As a mother, I've learned to find my rhythm amidst chaos, and have learned the art of maintaining peace, despite the mess. I'm excited to share my journey and the unique insights I've gained along the way with you all.